Lisa Marie has been a licensed Zumba® instructor since 2010.

Being a trained hip hop dancer, choreographer and teacher, becoming a Zumba instructor seemed like a natural progression.

In 2011, she became a Zumba Jammer,  where she helped hundreds of Zumba instructors across the world become better instructors. Zumba Jammers are specially licensed to help other instructors with choreography, step-by-step movement breakdown, cueing, and teaching.

Lisa Marie has performed in Zumba Fitness concerts in the U.S.A and South America. In 2015, she created a hip hop session with ZES Prince Paltu-ob for Zumba Convention called Street Menu,  where students could learn the basics of popping, locking, waacking, and house. During this time, she also appeared in the ZIN Flavors Volume showcasing choreography for ZIN members.

Due to COVID-19, studio locations where Lisa Marie teaches are closed, but she offers online classes and privates.

To find a current online schedule click here!

Visit her Zumba profile page here


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