Fly Girl

Fly Girl


Lisa Marie has been teaching dance and fitness for over a decade. She was founding member of one of the first hip hop dance companies (C.O.D.A) in Chicago, IL which is still successfully functioning today. C.O.D.A is an internationally ranked and recognized Hip Hop Crew with Hip hop International (HHI) – the world’s largest real hip hop Competition & Battle. She competed at HHI with America’s Best Dance Crew- We are Heroes, earning a 4th place title. Lisa Marie has performed with KC & the Sunshine Band, McHammer, Shakira, Sean Paul, The Greatest Showman (Live) and she has trained with hip hip pioneers including Crazy Legs, Mr. Wiggles, Poppin’ Pete, and Anthony Thomas. Moving to Los Angeles in 2009, she received a work-study scholarship from the world renown Debbie Reynolds dance studio.

Her passion for dance was heavily influenced by Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, and one of the best TV shows from the 90’s, In Living Color. The groundbreaking TV series introduced the FLY GIRLS: several strong, beautiful and talented females that brought amazing energy to the opening, intermission and closing of the comedy sketch show.

The term “fly” was used in the late 80’s/early 90’s to complement a person, or perhaps their fashion sense was dope, fresh, cool. This term was frequently used amongst MC’s, rappers, artists of the time.

Using these influences and her years of training, Lisa Marie created FLY GIRL, a dance class and training session focusing on hip hop fundamentals with emphasis on music and styles from the 90’s.


At Fly Girl, FLY stands for First. Love. Yourself.

A FLY being is an authentic, confident soul that moves with great energy, power, elegance, strength, and fearlessness. S/he empowers others, uses positive vibes to make change, and carries a sense of style that is all his/her own. Though the class is called Fly Girl, it is open to men, women and anyone who wants to positively impact their lives and communities through dance

The high energy and fast-paced music from the 90’s, combined with the big, powerful dance moves and styles popular during that era, make a perfect formula for cardio intensive workouts! Fly Girl foundation moves will provide a basic structure on how to improve your dance form and technique with movement that is safe, but fun and effective. Fly Girl is inspired by the 90’s, however its principles, foundational structure and choreography are still effective today in providing a great dance workout.

The importance of Building

Fly Girl focuses on hip hop dance foundation, grooves, and fundamentals essential to building as a dancer and instructor. Building a strong foundation rooted in authentic and accurate hip hop movement will help you gain some understanding of the culture and its impact on fitness, pop culture, dance communities and the world! Many of the moves demonstrated throughout hip hop require complete awareness of isolations in the body. Being able to separate muscle groups successfully in your movement allows for versatility and advanced coordination. Successful understanding and practice of Fly Girl concepts and principles, can help you become a stronger dancer, teacher, and performer.

Fly Girl is designed for all ages and levels.∗


∗Some music may contain explicit content.

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